One convo on his facebook page. There are more there that are just as horrible. 

His twitter account is just as bad. All you need to do is google Lucas Silveira + transmisogyny and a few other posts come up.




my partner Jamie and I are hosting the first ever Transmisogynist of the Year Awards for 2011 and we would like you, tumblrites, to nominate people you think deserve this “accolade.” We are also taking suggestions for categories. What we’re thinking of so far are:

  • Transmisogynist of the Year
  • Most Transmisogynist Company of the Year

due to his recent twitter attacks on the community at large who disagreed with him as well as on Stephen Ira over the use of the “T-Word”, Trans!Fix would like to nominate Lucas Silveira.

have you got any links that we can use to show what has been done?